For food hygiene reasons, food and beverages are not allowed to be brought in from outside, except for the FREE PARTY.

  For FREE PARTY parties, the client must arrange to bring all the necessary equipment to set up the party in addition to the buffet.

  The use of non-slip socks is mandatory.

  Access to the Playground is allowed only for children, chaperones may remain in the play area to supervise.

icon icon=icon-pencil size=14px color=#FFFF00 ] Inside the park, supervision of children is the responsibility of a PARENT.

For Parties organized by the Foam Eraser, on the day of the party you will find the room reserved for you already set up with decorations, plates, glasses, chips and drinks, the buffet will be served at snack time.

It is not possible to change the type of party booked.

In case of cancellation of the reservation, the deposit already paid will be retained.

WE REMIND YOU THAT THE BUFFET IS FOR CHILDREN ONLY it will be up to the parent to order extra food should they wish to offer it to accompanying adults.

The cake will be cut and served by our staff, please note that the CANDLE for the cake must be brought by the birthday boy or girl.


The birthday room must be politely vacated 15 minutes before the party ends. Children may continue to play and adults may move to the bar area.

A deposit of €50.00 must be paid upon confirmation of the reservation.

The actual number of participants in the party must be notified at least 3 days before the date of the party.

The management disclaims any responsibility towards children who will not behave appropriately inside the park.